Stressfree Finland 2022 Manifesto (in English)


Every Finn has a right to live mentally and emotionally light life without stress and unnecessary worrying.



Every Finn has a right to experience happiness and peace of mind daily, regardless of their circumstances.



Every Finn has a right to feel that they’re good, whole and lovable, just the way they are.



Every Finn has a right to make better decisions and choices.



Every Finn has a right to feel alive and follow their inspiration.




We’ll fix the misunderstanding that external events and things, other people or our history create our feelings. We’ll help people to see that only — and ONLY — their own thoughts create their feelings.

That way people will see, that they can be happy, joyful, calm and satisfied in any minute and they’ll stop wasting time and energy to trying to change their external circumstances in order to change their feelings (in vein).


We’ll help people to see that their states of mind fluctuate independent of anything they do — just like the tide, seasons, times of day, times of menstrual cycle and states of alertness and sleepiness change without us doing anything.

When people see that they can come up from the lowest state of mind without doing anything and that they can’t prevent their mood to go down, they’ll stop wasting time and energy to trying to control and fix  their moods.

When they’ll see how other people’s moods rise and fall like a tide, without anyone doing anything, they’ll save time from trying to change other people’s moods and trying to make other people feel happy.


We’ll help people to see how their feelings are only — and ONLY — a sign of the quality of their thinking and the amount of brainpower available in that moment.

Even though the feeling is right, the thought behind it may be wrong. When people will see that their feeling is just an indicator light, they don’t have to waste time and energy to be ashamed of their feelings or try to fix, change, repress or even analyze their feelings.

When they understand that they can’t think clearly when they’re in a low state of mind (i.e. in a  bad mood), they’ll stop thinking about important things when they’re feeling bad. Instead, they’ll focus on mundane every day tasks they can do in that moment without too much thinking.

When they understand how their brains work properly when they’re in a high state of mind (i.e. feeling good), they learn to trust that what they think of world and themselves in that mood is way more true than what they think when they’re feeling down, stressed or being under pressure.


We’ll help people to see that they’re not their feelings, thoughts, actions or history — but the same good, whole and lovable person that they were when they were born. They aren’t broken and can’t be broken. They’re the one that thinks, feels, does things and remembers the past.


When people don’t waste their time and energy to make themselves stressed or worried or trying to control things that they can’t control and that don’t even need to be controlled, they’ll have more energy and time to think and do things that they find fun, interesting, exciting or important or they’re curious of or passionate about.




First see it for yourself how these truths of life are true to you.



Figure out how these truths are relevant to the person you’re talking to. Practice open and relaxed listening, without any agenda.



Talk only from what you understand, be your true self, share your experiences, understand and connect.



Allow it to be easy. Let go of the outcome. This is not that serious.


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